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CSA Roundup — Week 8

CSA Roundup — Week 8

Well the kids are back in school now.  I suppose this means we’re coming to the end of laissez faire summer cooking, and a return to more rigorous meal planning around all the activities that fall and winter bring.

But for the last week of summer holidays, we took it easy, while still enjoying what our CSA share had to offer.


What We Got

Salad Mix
Rainbow Chard
Carrots (with tops)


What We Ate


Easy Peasy

This was an incredibly simple week of cooking for us.  Things we weren’t eating raw — potatoes, zucchini, onions, beans, and even carrots  — got grilled or roasted.  Greens became salads.

It was a totally delicious week, but I honestly think I only used one (incredibly simple) recipe.  I realized I had some homemade mayo that needed to be used up, so I threw together a caesar dressing.  Tossed that with kale that was hanging around from the previous week.  I won’t say I prefer it over the traditional romaine, but it was decent.

The next day, I paired up my leftover caesar dressing with leftover potatoes to make a “potato salad” for lunch.  Yum!   I’ve been doing this throughout the summer with vinaigrettes, but of course it’s a gem with creamy dressings too.


What We Didn’t Eat


I must confess, this wasn’t a great week for some of our produce.

I got home late and exhausted on pick-up night, and didn’t go through my normal routine of washing and storing everything properly.  I simply shoved it in the fridge and went to bed instead.

The herbs and chard did not fare well with this approach.  It is truly amazing what a difference the right kind of attention makes!


Two bunches of rainbow chard stored differently
Can you guess which chard is one week old versus which is three? Storage truly makes all the difference!

Also, perhaps it was my reading and listening to some decluttering articles, but I suddenly decided there was just a bit too much going on in the crisper drawer.  I purged out a bunch of greens that may have technically still been edible, but I clearly wasn’t going to use them, with new goods coming in for the new week.


Was It Enough?


Yes, it was enough!  Thank goodness, considering the contributions I made to the compost bin.

I was going to say I didn’t buy a thing, but there was one basket of blackberries and a single tomato.  But I even walked around the farmer’s market, and came out empty handed.  Winning!

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