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CSA Roundup – Week 7

CSA Roundup – Week 7

A couple of weeks ago, I told you I wasn’t ready to proclaim the end of summer yet.  Now….

I’m still reluctant to say it’s over, but I have noticed the days getting shorter, and it was an unseasonably chilly week here.

But I’m not going to complain about my weather, with everything Harvey is up to in Texas right now — my thoughts are with everyone dealing with that right now.


What We Got

Salad Mix
Swiss Chard
Baby Potatoes
Carrots (with tops)
Beets (with tops)


What We Ate

Can’t Beet ‘Em

Being cooler this week, it wasn’t so painful to turn on the oven.  So we roasted the new potatoes and some beets.   Yum.

However, a few days later, we went back into summer mode and grilled our beets.  The Mandult kept exclaiming, “Wow!  Who knew you could grill beets?  We need to invite someone over for beets!”  I tried to tell him that I knew you could grill beets (and in fact we’d made them before) but he was just too excited.  He even invited his Dad for beets next week (unfortunately, he has other plans).

Those were some good beets.

As for me, I even ate the leftovers on toast (and goat cheese) for breakfast.  Move over avocado toast — there is a new, seasonal, kid in town.


The Salad of My Dreams

One morning while rifling through the fridge, I happened to spot a half cob of corn sitting behind some leftover taco meat.

So my mind began to turn.  Tex Mex.  Right?

I spent my day at work dreaming up how they would come together.

Taco salad seemed natural.  I thought back to my childhood taco salads, complete with Thousand Island dressing.  How I loved those salads, and yet, how gross that bottled dressing is.  No problem.  These days, I can make any dressing myself.

But our delicate salad mix wasn’t cut out for something that thick and creamy (homemade mayo, yo!).   That dang chard haunting me, though…it would stand up to anything.

And so was born one of the best salads I’ve ever tasted.  A refrigerator dream.

Tex Mex Chard Salad
This Tex Mex salad — on a bed of chard of all things — is the stuff dreams are made of!


What We Didn’t Eat

So I ate my chard this week, I really ate some big hunks of chard.  I still have some left.  Sigh.  This is crazy.  I’ve also completely given up on using the stems, even though they are so pretty.

Root to tip cooking is taking a little bit of a backseat to life right now.  

On that note, I guess maybe there is a little fear stopping me from eating the beet tops, even though I have ideas for them.  It’s now or never (well, next year) though, as this is it for this beet harvest.


Was It Enough?

It was probably enough volume wise (potatoes aside, we only got one meal out of those delicious babies).  However, I just couldn’t help but “cheat” on my CSA this week.  

You see, the farm we are supporting seems to have their own microclimate,  which runs a little behind some of the surrounding areas.  I’ve been patient through most of the summer, but now corn, tomatoes, peppers and summer squash are out in full force at other markets.  I just couldn’t stand it any more.


Healthy at Home

Sometimes, going through these reviews and writing about my mountain of Swiss Chard leaves me discouraged and thinking, “We really should eat more salad.”

Then the Mandult told me he hasn’t had to buy a lunch for work in two full weeks.  We haven’t eaten out for dinner either.  

On top of that,  between the CSA share and our side goal to eat through our freezer, grocery shopping has been very minimal this month!  

So, now I feel very encouraged.  Doing this share has been good for our health — and our wallets!


What is the best meal you’ve ever dreamed up out of your leftovers?

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