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CSA Roundup – Week 6

CSA Roundup – Week 6

I just sat down to write this, looked across the table at my partner, and said “I can’t really remember what happened this week.”  Yes, it was one of those.

I mean, I remember things that happened this week.  So much happened.  So much life happened.  Details like what we had for dinner Thursday are long gone.

I don’t even have my meal plan sheet to refer to.  I’m not a hard and strict meal planner, but I do try to come up with a little bit of a framework so we aren’t always at a loss.  However, with the Mandult off work this week, our meal planning consisted of him texting me around noon each day with, “What can I get out of the freezer for tonight?”

I guess it worked out, because we did make something to eat every night.  Let’s see if I can tell you how our CSA played a role in there.

Carrots in a Bushel Basket

What We Got

Salad Mix
Swiss Chard
Carrots (with tops)
Beets (with tops)


What We Ate


Fresh Favorites

This week we only got a few beans, so I plucked them straight out of the basket on pick-up night, and right onto the grill.  I think beans will forever be my favorite!

I also made my delicious Savory Summer Squash Skillet again, now featuring carrot tops!  Seriously, I only started doing that since getting the whole carrot in the CSA.  It’s my new favorite addition to one of my favorite meals!

It’s funny, because my Mom used to grow a ton of carrots, and it never occurred to us to use the tops (pigs loved ‘em though!).  It’s only now, when I’m treating everything that comes in that basket as potential gold, that I’ll try any part of anything.

Carrot tops make their appearance!
Carrot tops! Who knew you could eat em’?

Oh and in case you’re wondering, we do eat the roots of the carrots too.  As carrot sticks.  I didn’t really think that was worthy of mention here.


Simple Seasonal Inspiration

We were lucky to score some wild blueberries from the Mandult-in-law.  So my star vinaigrette this week was blueberry balsamic.  And a few blueberries tossed into the salad mix.  Yum

We were feeling like chicken pasta one night, but being the heart of summer, not feeling like any kind of heavy sauce.    So we lightened things up with this wonderful Lemon Butter Chicken Pasta.  I had some spinach left from a previous week, and made up what I was short with arugula.


What We Didn’t Eat

Um… most of it?  Looking back, we were not doing our job on the leafy stuff.  Curse you chard, again.   And kale.  And beet tops.  And… beets?  How did that happen?  We love beets!  

Ok, we didn’t do so well this week.  I guess that shows you what lack of planning will get you.  The good news is, I just did a fridge clean-out, and it’s all still good.


Was It Enough?

Pretty much.  I had the itch to can, so I went to another farm to pick up yellow beans and some dill.  Yeeeeesssss dilly beans!  While I was there I also decided to get some peas to freeze.  And I couldn’t stay away from the zukes, and one beauty of a bell pepper…. But $2.50 over and above what I put up isn’t bad.

My dilly beans.
We can’t not make pickles out of everything around here, even if it does mean buying outside the CSA.

I’m also pretty sure that the Man bought potatoes.  Gosh we loff potatoes.  Can’t wait to get them in our share!


Time Keeps Rolling

I can’t believe we’re already into the tail end of August!  Time really does keep on keepin’ on, whether we’re ready for it or not.  I know I feel like things are crazy for me.  But we gotta eat, and I’m so grateful we have this CSA to keep healthy food in our fridge.


How are you spending your final weeks of summer, and perhaps more importantly, what are you eating?

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