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CSA Roundup – Week 5

CSA Roundup – Week 5

It seems we just passed a tipping point where people are suddenly lamenting the impending “end of summer.”  It’s true the sunsets are getting a little earlier, and the back-to-school push is in the stores…

But when I look at what’s coming out of the gardens right now, I think we are right in the heart of summer.

That summer love shows in our CSA share too, which was filled with some of my personal favorites this week.

What We Got

Salad Mix
Swiss Chard
Beets (w/tops)
Carrots (w/tops)
Green/Purple Beans


August CSA Share
That is some good bounty!

What We Ate

Home Alone

The first few days of this week’s cycle, I was home alone.  On one hand, this is freeing in the kitchen, as I don’t have to worry about who is willing to eat what.  On the flipside, I’m just not super inspired to cook for one.

So the massive pile of greens in my crisper was making me a little nervous.

In a desperate attempt to catch up on the chard, I used some as wraps for my chicken salad.  This was actually so yummy!  I’m not living gluten or grain free at the moment, but now I will be adopting green wraps wherever I can.

Unfortunately, those three leaves hardly made a dent in the pile.

I also saw the rapini I had ignored the previous week was starting to turn the corner — I admit I had to compost a good handful.  So I went into urgent save mode and simply sauteed what was left with garlic.  Perhaps it’s not fair to judge my first time eating rapini by that, but… The verdict:  It was OK…some bites were just too much greenery in my mouth.  I think I would like it as an addition to another sauteed dish, better than a standalone.

Speaking of adding things to sauteed dishes, I threw some carrot top (and ninto one of my favourite solo meals, a summer squash skillet (recipe coming here soon!).  Very happy with that addition!


Skillet meal with bacon and summer veggies.
Yes, that is my carrot stick’s other half on top of that zucchini.

Grillin’ It

When the master griller came back to town, I put him to work.   Simple grilled beets and foil packet green beans made the meal so satisfying.  Two of my very favourites!  Nuff said!


Chillin’ It

Given how big the bounty of beans was, I decided to freeze the purple ones.  Not so much because I couldn’t eat them, but because I want to have some of that goodness in the wintertime.

The chard, however, I conceded that we really couldn’t eat enough of right now, so I froze all the backlog of that too.  I used an ice cube tray to give us small bits to add to our cooking, rather than make big meal sized bags.  Hopefully, we are inspired to use them this way.

Finally, while I had the ice cube trays out, I froze some of the parsley in olive oil.  None of it was bad (parsley keeps extremely well if stored properly) but I had a pretty big bunch going.  These little herb pucks are great to have on hand for sauces and soups come the dead of winter.


Getting Fancy…Or Rustic?  Both!

At the end of the week, when I noticed arugula written on My CSA Planner Printable (Yes, it really does remind me about things that are otherwise buried in my crisper!) my mind went back to something I had looked at, but not tried, in week one.

Arugula Mushroom Pizza.

Besides being topped with chopped arugula, mushrooms, and mozzarella, I also thawed out some arugula pesto from week one for my sauce.  Given that my homemade crusts never roll into even shapes, it had a very rustic look to it for sure.   Just perfect!


Was it Enough?

Almost.  I needed mushrooms for the mushroom and arugula pizza.  But still, we only purchased a basket of peaches and some new potatoes along with them.  Previous years, that would have been a lot bigger haul, but I’m trying to be patient and wait for the new arrivals in our CSA.


Getting Exciting Now

Now we are getting into the weeks I feel like I decided to do this CSA thing for.  I love me some fresh summer veggies!


What is your favourite summer veggie?  And your favorite way to eat it?

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