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CSA Roundup – Week 4

CSA Roundup – Week 4

This past week was the type I had been dreading when we signed up for our CSA share.

Don’t get me wrong — we had an amazing week, full of fun activities.  But, they were activities that took us away from home.  And more specifically, away from our fridge full of goodies.   Would they be left to wither in the fridge?

Let’s take a look and see.


What We Got

Salad Mix
Swiss Chard
Basil (bagged)


What We Ate


Eat the Delicate First

Consider my lesson learned, that the bagged basil wouldn’t keep well.  So early in the week, I grabbed some for a chicken marinade, another handful for some Thai fried rice, then promptly whipped up pesto out of the rest.

I also used the ever fragile peas in that Thai rice.  I’m not sharing a recipe link…I veered way too far off the written recipe, and not in the right direction (Hey, you win some, you lose some.).  But the peas were still delicious!


New Spins on Old Favorites

The next day we had some pork sandwiches that just needed a slaw.  But it didn’t need to be a cabbage slaw, did it?  Not when you have kale!  This recipe really kept that traditional flavour profile I love so much, and is definitely something I will make again.

Egg cups for the road trip got filled with spinach and onion from the CSA…yum!


You Do Make Friends With Salad

We got to show off some of our produce this week when company came to dinner.   The salad was a big hit, but it was simply our big bag of CSA salad mix topped with feta, raspberries, and my white vinaigrette!


One Fail

In an attempt to use up a bit of the growing chard pile, I convinced an incredulous Mandult to saute some with breakfast.  After all, I do it with spinach and stuff all the time.  Surely I would like Swiss Chard that way too?

Not so much.  I made less faces than when I was a kid, but I didn’t enjoy it much more.

The Mandult was also not a fan.  I fear I may now have a tough row to hoe convincing him to cook any greens for breakfast again.

As for the chard, I think I will stick to eating it raw, or perhaps try cooking it into oblivion in slow cooked dishes.


What We Didn’t Eat

Well there is spinach and chard left, and I honestly didn’t have time to even really think about the rapini.   

There are a couple onions too, but of course those will keep and get used up eventually.

All in all, not too bad, considering I wasn’t in the kitchen much this week.


Was It Enough?

In a word, no.  

It may seem strange given how we didn’t eat at home much.

You see, we picked up some extra fruits and veggies to take along on our road trip.  It’s just easier to say, “Have some cucumber slices kids.” than, “Here, chew on this chard leaf.”  Whatever it cost to buy those groceries, it was definitely worth it to avoid buying so many (less healthy) meals out.

I was also so excited to cook for company, that I just couldn’t limit myself to 100% CSA items.  New potatoes and zucchini are in stock at other markets, so that is what we grilled and served!  No regrets!


Time For a Healthy Snack

Well, that’s enough about this week.  I had better go work on eating my way through the fridge!


What is your favourite use for the ultra-healthy, dark, leafy greens?

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