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CSA Roundup – Week 3

CSA Roundup – Week 3

This is the week that finally felt like summer.  Mother Nature actually strung three warm, DRY days together in a row!

Luckily we got to spend some of the week relaxing, and therefore, stuck to cooking simple, easy meals.  Delicious meals.


What We Got


Yellow Plums

Rainbow Chard

Bag of mixed greens

Bag Spinach


Garlic Scapes (baby ones!)

Bag Basil

Shell Peas



What We Ate


Two empty pea shells
Oops! A few of the peas didn’t make it to the photography session….

The Sweet Taste of Summer

The fruit just got eaten in it’s raw goodness.

Same goes for the spinach and kale.  Along with the salad mix, we ate plenty of it raw.  Honestly, I was on the fence about kale based on past salad experiences, but this was good.

The salad winner of the week was definitely Smitten Kitchen’s chopped salad with feta, mint, and lime.  I didn’t have green beans, but used kale and a touch of lettuce as a base, then turned to Week 2’s leftover radishes, and a purchased cuke for the crunch factor.  Amazing.   We all stuffed our faces while commenting how we, “don’t like radishes.”

Remember What’s in the Fridge, and Improvise as Needed

The main dish winner of the week was an amazing garlic lemon shrimp pasta.  Now, if you clicked over to that recipe and noted that, except for parsley, none of the ingredient list matches up with my CSA contents, you would be correct.  However, given what we had, I added a handful of spinach (remember Popeye!) and the peas.  They were just perfect in this dish.

I also snuck spinach into New Leaf Wellness’ Crockpot Steak Italiano Marinara.  Actually, it was called for in this recipe, so I wasn’t that sneaky.  The point is, no one noticed in the final product — it was a huge hit!  I’m so glad to have found a great “summery” stew! Definitely will be making it again!

Another night, I was planning to make cilantro lime rice, only to realize that I was out of lime (horrors!).  I still had lemon, so my dish became parsley lemon rice instead.

It’s easy to adapt and improvise like this as long as I remember what is in my fridge.  My CSA Planner has been so helpful for reminding me of everything we received!

If you’d like to get your copy of the free printable CSA Planner (as well as other great freebies), just become a subscriber now!

Benchmark Email

CSA Basket for July, greens and fruit
A beautiful bounty. How do I even fit it all into the fridge?

What We Didn’t Eat

Oh leafy greens.  I swear I was eating you frequently.  Why are you still in my fridge?  So chard and spinach are on the “eat up” list, but so far still fresh enough.

I didn’t get to the little garlic scapes either, but they look as good as the day they came.


Compost Confessional

For the first time this season, I let something more than a few leaves go to waste.  Silly thing too.  


See the previous week, it came as a bunch, which I stored upright in a jar of water.  This week, it came in a bag, which I proceeded to shove in the crisper.    Poor basil was not nearly as fond of that storage method.

Good storage goes a long way!

Plus, there is that procrastination factor.  I knew I intended to make pesto out of it, but just kept putting it off.

Lesson learned, I hope.


Was It Enough?

We did end up buying a few dollars worth (but seriously, well under $10) of other stuff when we stopped in a local market for ice cream.  Peaches are in season now, so who could resist?  The Mandult couldn’t resist cucumber either, and had pico de gallo in his hand when I said, “Wait, I’ll make you some!”  (Remember I have cilantro in my CSA share!)  That committed me to buying tomatoes and onion to complete the task!  (And if you’re wondering, yes, it was worth it.   Mmmmm salsa!)


What’s Next?

I hope to get around to some preserving this summer, whether it be from my CSA, or produce purchased elsewhere.  However, given where the rest of my life is at right now, I’m quite happy to just eat some fresh salads.

I guess I will just have to wait and see what each week gives me, in life, and in my CSA basket!


What’s your favorite lazy summer meal?

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