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CSA Roundup – Week 2

CSA Roundup – Week 2

Did you ever have one of those weeks where you felt like you blinked and missed it?  And yet at the same time, it was so long you can’t remember where it started.

That’s the kind of week it’s been.  For better or worse, it’s been a strange one.

So truth be told, it was somewhat trying to think about CSA vegetables amongst everything else.  But I’m so grateful we had them, or I might have completely forgotten to eat anything green!


What We Got


Bundle of Rhubarb (again!)
Rainbow of radishes
Rainbow Chard
Bag of mixed greens
Bag Spinach
Couple of green onions
Garlic Scapes (baby ones!)


What We Ate


Spicy Swiss Chard Slaw with Creamy Avocado Dressing.
Healthy and delicious…that’s the idea behind this whole thing, right?

Goodness Greeness

Obviously we ate our salad mix as salads.  The Mandult grabbed some tamari almonds from Costco, and they make an awesome salad topper.  One night I made an Asian inspired dressing that really kicked it up a notch!

The Costco trip also netted me a big pack of chicken breasts, so I used some of the herbs to make different marinades before popping them in the freezer.

The basil (and a handful of spinach for Popeye strength!) also got put to very good use in a simple tomato-sausage sauce I served with leftover rice.  So easy and soooo delicious.

The last bit of basil teamed up with the garlic scapes to make a half batch of soup (mostly this recipe, with some inspiration from this one, and my own meddling improvisations).  Now, I am not usually a soup in July person, but the weather was randomly 16*C (60*F) one day (Strangest summer ever!) so it fit the bill.

Just like last week, we grilled our radishes.  This time I tried doing it in a roasting pan.  Still good, but not as great as directly on the grill.


Overcoming Childhood Trauma

And finally, the chard.  Have to admit I was a little nervous, given how high it ranked on my “yuck” list as a kid.  I think I leaned away from cooking it for this reason, and instead ended up at this amazing slaw recipe.  We were skeptical, but willing.  Both of us were pleasantly surprised at how delicious it was!

But what about those pretty rainbow stems?  I know they are basically scraps, but I feel like I would have eaten more chard as a kid (or, more willingly eaten the tiny amounts I did) if we’d had the rainbow variety…..

So when I saw this mini mason jar loveliness, I was all over it.  I didn’t use her specific brine recipe, simply because I had some leftover from another pickling project.  Honestly, I have no idea how they taste (we’re still in the waiting stage) but I’d be quite content just looking at them.


Refrigerator pickled swiss chard stems in a mini mason jar.
Maybe even too pretty to eat, those stems were just too pretty to compost!


Dang You, Rhubarb!

As I mentioned last week, I have a hard time using rhubarb, and I don’t get it.  

But I’m happy to say that I didn’t waste it, and got it chopped and frozen.  Sometimes the win comes when you admit you can’t do everything you schemed up (yet…)

I did learn something else interesting from the rhubarb saga though….

Would you believe that wrapping rhubarb in foil actually helps it keep?  Honestly, the bunch that was wrapped and a week older was pretty similar to the newer bunch I didn’t bother wrapping, save for the ends I left poking out.  I can’t wait to try this trick next time I have celery!


What We Didn’t Eat

There are still some scallions hanging out on the windowsill, a handful of spinach, and a couple of radishes — all still very edible!  Nothing but a few leaves here and there had to be composted.  Very happy with that!


Was It Enough?

Yes!  Considering we hardly ate at home this week, it was.  I picked up some potatoes, and that was it for “local” items.


Two Down, A Whole Bunch to Go

Well, there is certainly some work involved in the proper storage, and meal planning to get the most out of this.  However, since I’m hoping this will improve my meal planning, and food-keeping skills, that is OK.

The CSA planner I created has been a big help in keeping things straight.  If you think you might like to try it for yourself, just become a subscriber for access to that, and other free printables.


Benchmark Email

Onward and upward!


What is your favorite recipe you have discovered because of your CSA?

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