Growing as a Grown-Up

About Me

Hi, I’m Gina.  These days, I’m in my early 30’s.  I’m not really sure how that happened so fast.  I guess it’s because I made that “gap job” that followed my education into a bit of a career.  As a result I spent my mid-twenties singularly focused and rather nomadic.  It’s only in the last few years that I have taken on a little more well rounded life.  

So lately, I’ve been making lots of stuff (and lots of messes!)  I’ve gotten comfortable in the kitchen.  I’ve been trying to figure out cleaning.  I’ve cut out everyday chemicals.  I’ve been actively managing my personal finances.  I’ve been thinking positively and setting new goals.  I’ve been pursuing joy in life.

My partner in the journey is a male Aaah!dult.  He comes with two teens.  There’s also a funny little cat around.  We share a home in a quiet town, in Canada (Don’t worry my dear friends to the south, aside from my occasional reference to places or things you’ve never heard of, I promise our lives are not that different.)


About this Blog

I contemplated blogging for awhile before starting this.  At first, I never thought I would just be writing about, well, plain old life.  But lately, managing life (well) has been at the forefront of my mind, so this is what I write about.

See, after doing the student thing [read: deferring life] in my early 20’s, I just cruised through the latter half.  I had no particular struggles and was pretty happy.  Sure I may have skipped over a few responsibilities here and there, but who cares, I was out living, right?

Well, 30’s me kind of cares.  After settling in a little (I really prefer not to settle down) I realized life’s responsibilities weren’t going to fade away.  If anything they just became more and bigger.  I felt a little overwhelmed, a little behind on life.  Was there a manual that I missed out on?  How in the heck am I supposed to take care of all these responsibilities?  But more importantly, how can I do all this and still feel great?

Thank goodness for the internet, and most especially for blogs.  I first started reading them to find out more about things that were exciting to me and fuelled my passions.  Then they became my most invaluable resource in getting back to cooking – which is both fun and has a pretty important purpose.  And so it snowballed – eventually I delved into topics that were purely practical and responsible.  I loved that no matter what the blog was about, it came from the voice and experience of a real person, just doing their own thing.

So this blog is just me doing my thing.  Or sometimes just thinking about things.  All sorts of different things actually, because that is what my adult life contains.  The common thread between all these topics and tasks, is trying to feel better after tackling them – that’s how you keep growing as a grown up!

If you’re here, I’m guessing you found something you like to do – or maybe need to do – in my posts.   Maybe you’re a little overwhelmed at Aaah!dult life too (No matter what your numerical age!  Everyone is on their own path.)  It’s all good.  Stick around, read some more, and we’ll keep making this adult life better together.